In 1986, former collaborators and close friends of Jean Monnet formed the Friends of the Jean Monnet Association.

Two years later, in 1988, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Jean Monnet’s birth, the European Community decreed the “Jean Monnet European Year”. In the same year, to pay a final tribute to this great man, François Mitterrand, the French President, decided to transfer his ashes to the Panthéon.

From its origin, the goal of the Association has been to transmit the memory of Jean Monnet, his work and his teachings.

Every day, the Jean Monnet Association does its best to revive the spirit and lucidity of the vision of one of the founders of the European Community, a necessary prerequisite for understanding the current issues involved in the construction and activities of the European union. The Association endeavours to convey the values of the Union, such as peace, solidarity, tolerance and common interest, and to shed light on European integration and current issues in today’s Europe.

By organizing more than 250 lectures per year, mainly held at the Jean Monnet House near Paris, for groups and individuals from all backgrounds, the Association helps to bring the EU closer to its citizens. At the same time, the Association is leading or participating in other projects with the same objective, and faithful to the spirit of Jean Monnet who wanted to unite the peoples of Europe, also takes part in events which encourage dialogue and intercultural discovery.

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