Let’s train on Europe.

Just like European officials, you can attend a training course or seminar on Europe in a historic, symbolic and convivial place: the Jean Monnet House.

Indeed, the Jean Monnet Association has developed several training programs and seminars that can be adapted to each public: European officials, teaching staff, company employees, etc.

The aim of these training courses and seminars is to make participants aware of European history and current events, while sharing a part of Jean Monnet’s life.

Training for Educational team (teachers, head teachers, documentalists, educational consultants)

The aim of the training course is to encourage a European dynamic in schools by developing European history and current affairs and by informing about European programs in the field of education and occupational mobility.

This training day also allows you to introduce, prepare and optimize the visit of your students at the Jean Monnet House.

  • Conference and debate of 2h30 (biography of Jean Monnet and his role in the construction of Europe, presentation of the program for the students followed by a workshop of exchanges on the methods of preparing students for their visit)
  • Guided tour of the Jean Monnet House (30 mn)
  • Presentation of the documentary sources of the web and of our teaching kit – proposal to use these sources for preparation of courses / animations on European issues
  • Workshop on mobility and citizenship co-hosted with an external speaker
  • Questions & answers session
Program of educational activities for students
  • Duration: 1 day

  • Dates: 5 dates between October and February


Ile-de-France region: Total support (transport and meals included) possible via a subsidy from the Regional Council of Ile-de-France for the establishments of the Ile-de-France region.

Other regions: On request.


  +33 (0)1 34 86 12 43


Business seminars

In the form of a training or a seminar, we propose to build the program of this event together in order to best meet your expectations and your needs.

Several modules can be organized around a conference-debate and a visit to the Jean Monnet House museum. All the services offered are available to you for this occasion.

Discover the seminar rooms
  • Duration: To determine together

  • Dates: To be defined together


According to service


  +33 (0)1 34 86 12 43


Testimony of M. Klaus Welle, Secretary General of the European Parliament
European official who came to train on Europe

“Why did the European Parliament acquire Maison Jean Monnet in Houjarray? Because we have to remember where we came from.

The European project has its roots in this simple place in the middle of the peaceful French countryside. It is a place far from the prestigious places where the Congress of Vienna, the Treaty of Versailles or the Yalta Accords, the legacies of the political powers of another age, were sealed behind closed doors. This place symbolizes a different Europe.

I would like to see this training for the integration of new officials taking place in this house in order to return to the sources of European integration and to benefit from a first opportunity to approach the future of the European project. The program for these three days is also designed so that new officials can interact with their most experienced peers and from previous generations.

I hope that this place where everyday we talk about the history of Europe, where conferences, debates and meetings of citizens are held, can always be a source of inspiration for the European Parliament. “

Fonctionnaires européens venus assister à une formation

Testimony of a senior executive
who came to attend a business seminar

“What can we learn from the method of action and life of Jean Monnet, one of the great men of the past two centuries, in the management and conduct of our businesses or services? I leave with 2-3 strong, original ideas, which have become mine, which I will apply to the return, and which are now part of my personal baggage. I have enriched myself, and it will affect my way of managing. “